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TITAN RUSH offers an unparalleled soccer experience; with youth programs specifically designed for boys and girls ages 2 and older. Titan Rush S.C. aims to foster a safe, fun, educational experience and teaches the “Rush Core Values.” Which provide for a solid foundation for a lifetime. Our programs are tailored specifically to the achievement and growth of each individual player built on the foundation of the “Rush Way.” 

Each player has the unique opportunity to learn and excel in a 'player first' environment by learning the necessary foundation, skills, and aspects of the game.  It is our hope that the life lessons, along with the "Rush Core Values" that are taught helps to further the athlete’s growth inside the game and out. Our coaching staff takes tremendous pride in developing, teaching and producing top players, all while maintaining a culture of teamwork, dedication and fun.

THE RUSH WAY is the embodiment of all that is Rush Soccer; the rules and manner in which Rush members hold themselves and how they expect other Rush members to conduct themselves.

This is not inherent in all people, but can be learned. The Rush Way encourages passion, leadership, respect and, above all, quality.

RUSH CORE VALUES are part of TITAN RUSH’s soccer programs and leagues

Our programs are specially designed to provide age and skill-level appropriate instruction. We live and teach soccer basics with “The RUSH Core Values” in mind. These values are incorporated into everything we teach and do.  Accountability, Advice, Empathy, Enjoyment, Humility, Leadership, Passion, Respect, Safety, Tenacity and Unity.

 - We teach our athletes to hold themselves Accountable for their actions and play, be open to taking Advice

-  We teach our athletes to Enjoy the game and their successes, to be kind to your opponent and be Empathetic after a loss 

-We teach our athletes to be good Leaders on and off the field, exemplify Humility and give credit to others

-We teach our athletes to play with Passion, Respect your teammates, coaches, officials, opponents and others  

- We teach our athletes about Safety, playing fair, and that playing Tenaciously does not mean, “playing dirty”

- We teach our athletes that team Unity bonds players. It keeps them working together rather than against each other 

These “Rush Core Values” help to build strength and character and teach young athletes to be good teammates and good people.


9665 N Roxborough Park Road 
Littleton, Colorado 80125

Phone: 720-624-9000
Email: [email protected]


Monday-Friday 9-5
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